Naruto 635 Scans and Spoiler Jyuubi

I think Naruto 635 we’ve all been curious about Juugo (a little bit more so) since we learned more about teh actual Jyuubi, so it will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens if Juugo is able interract with the Jyuubi, etc. IN this last chapter I’m not even convinced that Juugo will ‘follow’ Sasuke.

naruto 635 manga
naruto 635 manga

Don’t have a dog in this fight but do have a few thoughts. I don’t for one second believe Orochimaru is doing 100% what Sasuke wants. Not for noww, not really forever. He’s doing what he thinks is most convenient, becuase what he admitted even to Sasuke’s face is that he still wants his body. Granted for now he’s playing nice, however I also think that he’s working out whatever else it is he wants to work out. Could be wrong, I don’t know, but then again thinking like this is what I like about the character of Orochimaru.

I don’t know if I’d refer to Sasuke as a grand manipulator but I do agree about Sasuke in this regard. I think Sasuke wants to do something, and then changes his mind. I give him some credit for trying to get the whole story, whether it be about Itachi, the village or whatever. Don’t really agree with the political speak though since politicians in general have a knack of being experts on how to position their agenda. Sasuke… not so much. Let alone his timing.

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